June 2, 2013

21-Day Simplify Challenge – Day 21: Happiness (Final Challenge Post)

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Jigzone Puzzle, © 2013, Deborah J. Wunder

Jigzone Puzzle – 247 piece, triangles layout – © 2013, Deborah J. Wunder

This is the final Challenge for this project.

The object I picked to represent my happiness is a screenshot of one of my favorite addictions: Jigzone. It’s a wonderful page, that allows you to do their puzzles, picking the number and style of the puzzle from a wide selection of choices. It also allows you to upload photographs to a private section and make them into puzzles. And, if you are as addicted to jigsaw puzzles as I am, you can even have them send you a puzzle to do every day. They do change their additional puzzle choices for the day somewhere around 1:30 in the afternoon, so you actually get a choice of 15 different puzzles to do each day, even if you don’t go into their archives.

The thing is, I’ve always enjoyed jigsaw puzzles, ever since I was a small kid. The idea of taking a jumble of pieces, and putting them in order is just soothing to me somehow. It’s the first thing I do after checking my email each morning.

There are, of course, other things that make me happy: music, books, hanging out with friends….I make sure to do them all at various points, because as much as I love my new computer, if that was ALL I did all day, I’d go buggy.

The one thing I am committing to going forward, is to physically getting out of the house more. Between my heath, retiring, regaining the weight, and the crazy weather we’ve had the last couple of years, I have become something more of a hermit than I’m comfortable with. So my big happiness goal for this year is to get my walking range back, and to spend more time out of the house doing things I enjoy, like walks, museums, lunch or tea with friends, etc.


21-Day Simplify Challenge – Day 20: Sleep

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2013-05-14 16.28.05 HDR

My nice, comfy bed © 2013, Deborah J. Wunder

This challenge had us look at our sleeping habits. I looked at where I sleep, and when, and how.

I have never slept eight hours in a row unless I was really ill. It just doesn’t work for me. What I do instead, these days, is make sure that within each 24-hour period, I do get at least six to eight hours of sleep. It may be in the form of two-hour naps; it may be one really long nap and a couple of short ones; it depends on what I have to do and what I feel like.

I instituted this change last September, when I hit my 60th birthday. The really good thing about my schedule, as a freelancer, is that I can generally sleep when I’ tired, and be awake and not sluggish when I’m not tired. With the health issues I’ve had over the last year, this has become more important than ever.

The other changes I’ve instituted have been to turn off the tv before going to bed, and to turn off the light when I go to sleep. Until I hit 60, I never worried about those tow things, but I’ve become much more protective of my health since then, as I’ve become much more aware of how easy it is to lose it.

21-Day Simplify Challenge – Day 19: Diary

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This challenge looks at how we keep ourselves on task calendar-wise.

Me, I use a combination of Toodledo and Google Calendar because I find that the most effective route. I used to also use a paper diary, but I was able to discontinue that. Both Toodledo and Google Calendar sync to my phone, making it easy to keep track of things.

My Toodledo To-Do List © 2013, Deborah J. Wunder

My Toodledo To-Do List © 2013, Deborah J. Wunder


My Calendar © 2013, Deborah J. Wunder

My Calendar © 2013, Deborah J. Wunder

The other good thing about this plan is that I can also keep track of things I need to know for the roomie. She’s  given me permission to view her Google calendar, so I have a clue when things come up for her that I need to know about, which does happen from time to time.

The other thing I like about this system is that I can put tasks on Google Calendar, and put appointments on Toodledo. So I have a backup system created for myself.

The only thing I would have different, if I could, would be to have my Google Calendar automatically sync to my Toodledo account. Hmmm, I may write Toodledo about that! I bet if I’m thinking of it, others are, too.

Anyway, that’s it for Day 19!

May 31, 2013

21-Day Simplify Challenge – Day 18: Clutter Boundaries

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First, I am backed up by a couple of days, but I haven’t given up. Life was being rather weird, deadline-wise.

Jammed Sock Drawer © 2013, Deborah J. Wunder

Jammed Sock Drawer © 2013, Deborah J. Wunder

Today’s Challenge is about getting rid of clutter. We were asked to choose something cluttered, and begin removing things we no longer love or use from it. For me the choice is easy – in fact, I knew it the moment I read the post – my sock drawer. As you can see from the picture, it’s so jammed I can’t even open it properly. And that doesn’t take into account the huge bag of unmatched socks I have in the other room.

Of course, it’s going to take more than one day to deal with this, but it’s my intention to work on it a bit each day until it’s done. So that’s at least part of my plan for the rest of the week (in addition to writing, etc.)

May 27, 2013

21-Day Simplify Challenge: Day 17 – Email

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This will be short and sweet, because I have had a very long day, and I need to get to bed at a reasonable hour, because I am doing tech support for my sister tomorrow.

Today we looked at email again. The question was how we could more effectively deal with the email we are now letting reach our inboxes.

Turning Off Apple Mail Notifications © 2013, Deborah J. Wunder

Turning Off Apple Mail Notifications © 2013, Deborah J. Wunder

For me, that involves turning off the notifications from my Apple Mail program. I find them easy to ignore, truth be told, but not having them there makes them even easier to ignore.

So that’s about it for today’s simplification of my life.

May 26, 2013

21 Day Simplify Challenge – Days 15 (Procrastination) & 16 (Doing Less)

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Sorry about not posting yesterday – I wasn’t procrastinating, I was sick. As in, turn off the computer, don’t write, don’t read, stay in bed sick.

I’d be in bed today, too, but I do have deadlines to meet. And – quite honestly – the one downside to being a freelancer is that if I don’t work, I don’t get paid.

The 30℉ temperature drop isn’t helping. Neither was finding out that someone (probably my Landlord or his kid) had put shims made of toothpicks into the lock on our back door. I found that out when the wind blew the door open. Needless to say, I pried the shims out and locked the door, but the door blowing open did nothing toward keeping any heat in the apartment.

SO, I’m sitting here in sweats and socks, drinking hot coffee, and trying to get my brain into enough of a gear to get some writing done.

Stuff that I Need to File © 2013, Deborah J. Wunder

Stuff that I Need to File © 2013, Deborah J. Wunder

Day 15 – Procrastination: I don’t procrastinate too much, as a rule. The things I tend to procrastinate about (besides writing), are filing and vacuuming.

So here is my current filing that needs to be done. The pile next to the bag is about two inches high, and the bag is a fairly good-sized one. Still, it does have to be done at some point.  Probably tomorrow, since I have writing deadlines, which must come first.



Yet Another Instance of 'Too Many Books'  © 2103, Deborah J. Wunder

Yet Another Instance of ‘Too Many Books’ © 2103, Deborah J. Wunder

Day 16 – Doing Less: Hmmm – they want you to choose something you are doing and stop doing it. I think for me that would be downloading more books to my Kindle app than I can read.  I download at least one or two books a week, sometimes a lot more than that. It’s not that I don’t love reading; I do. But I think between the books in the house, the books from the library, and the books on my Kindle, I may have more books than I can read in my lifetime.





So, That’s my work on the Challenge for yesterday and today. More tomorrow!


May 24, 2013

21-Day Simplify Challenge: Day 14 – Single-Tasking

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So…today’s Challenge is to stop multi-tasking.

Multi-tasking Desktop ©2013, Deborah J. Wunder

Multi-tasking Desktop ©2013, Deborah J. Wunder

Not to stop multi-tasking everything; there are some things, like listening to music while you work, that are fine, even if they don’t save time.  They can help us keep from getting so stressed we can’t function.

However, there is multi-tasking that makes you crazy. Switching from the ten articles you need to write to blogging to editing a manuscript, then adding in cooking dinner while writing, and looking for more work so that when your current projects end you will have new ones, and working on your website, and feeling guilty over not doing your filing, and carrying on three chat conversations and two Skype conversations…..you guys know the drill as well as I do.

Today, and for the rest of the challenge, my plan is to pick one (or two) things to do, and work on just those for an hour. Then I will see if I need to work on those more, or if I can switch up to concentrate on other things for the next hour. Wash, rinse, repeat.

I will also remember to schedule in time to not be on the computer, or – at least – to do something fun, rather than work-oriented – so I don’t burn out.

May 23, 2013

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Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 9.49.17 PM

Email to Unsub from © 2013, Deborah J. Wunder

First, here are the pics from Day 11 – Information:





and Day 12 – Grooming:

Makeup I'm Destashing © 2013, Deborah J. Wunder

Makeup I’m Destashing © 2013, Deborah J. Wunder








Now, here’s today’s pic – Day 13 – Saying No:

Taco Chips © 2013, Deborah J. Wunder

Taco Chips © 2013, Deborah J. Wunder








So I’m caught up here. The taco chips in the last photo represent foods that don’t support my health, which is what I want to say “no” to.

May 22, 2013

21-Day Simplify Challenge: Days 11 & 12

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I’ve been under the gun with deadlines.

Yesterday, I did declutter my email box, which was Day 11’s task. Managed to post a screen shot.

Today’s challenge is to get rid of old makeup.  I barley had time to do that, but I did manage.

No time to play with pics, though. Must get back to writing.

Perhaps, I will catch up on pics tomorrow.

May 20, 2013

21-Day Simplify Challenge: Day 10

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Well, that was easy.

Donation Box © 2103, Deborah J. Wunder

Donation Box © 2103, Deborah J. Wunder

Today’s challenge was to create a donation box. Since December, I’ve had a donation box (I call it a freebie box) on my living room table.  So far, friends have taken books, lotions, and other things from it, giving them good homes and getting them out of my house.  I actually started the box when I decided that the roomie and I needed to get rid of some of the several tons of books we own. She agreed, but was loathe to just throw them out, and we have far too many to lug to the one used bookstore near us. We thought about giving them to the local library, but they stopped taking donations of used books a while ago.

The current plan is that we leave the books (or whatever) in the box for a certain amount of time. If they are not picked up or adopted within that time, one of us will lug them up to the Goodwill thrift shop four blocks away and give them away. the main thing is that we are getting them out of the house. Once I am ready to start purging clothing, I will do the same with it.

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