May 24, 2013

21-Day Simplify Challenge: Day 14 – Single-Tasking

Posted in 21-Day Simplfy Your Life Challenge, Organization at 1:51 pm by otherdeb

So…today’s Challenge is to stop multi-tasking.

Multi-tasking Desktop ©2013, Deborah J. Wunder

Multi-tasking Desktop ©2013, Deborah J. Wunder

Not to stop multi-tasking everything; there are some things, like listening to music while you work, that are fine, even if they don’t save time.  They can help us keep from getting so stressed we can’t function.

However, there is multi-tasking that makes you crazy. Switching from the ten articles you need to write to blogging to editing a manuscript, then adding in cooking dinner while writing, and looking for more work so that when your current projects end you will have new ones, and working on your website, and feeling guilty over not doing your filing, and carrying on three chat conversations and two Skype conversations… guys know the drill as well as I do.

Today, and for the rest of the challenge, my plan is to pick one (or two) things to do, and work on just those for an hour. Then I will see if I need to work on those more, or if I can switch up to concentrate on other things for the next hour. Wash, rinse, repeat.

I will also remember to schedule in time to not be on the computer, or – at least – to do something fun, rather than work-oriented – so I don’t burn out.


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