May 20, 2013

21-Day Simplify Challenge: Day 10

Posted in 21-Day Simplfy Your Life Challenge, Organization at 4:06 am by otherdeb

Well, that was easy.

Donation Box © 2103, Deborah J. Wunder

Donation Box © 2103, Deborah J. Wunder

Today’s challenge was to create a donation box. Since December, I’ve had a donation box (I call it a freebie box) on my living room table.  So far, friends have taken books, lotions, and other things from it, giving them good homes and getting them out of my house.  I actually started the box when I decided that the roomie and I needed to get rid of some of the several tons of books we own. She agreed, but was loathe to just throw them out, and we have far too many to lug to the one used bookstore near us. We thought about giving them to the local library, but they stopped taking donations of used books a while ago.

The current plan is that we leave the books (or whatever) in the box for a certain amount of time. If they are not picked up or adopted within that time, one of us will lug them up to the Goodwill thrift shop four blocks away and give them away. the main thing is that we are getting them out of the house. Once I am ready to start purging clothing, I will do the same with it.


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