May 16, 2013

21-Day Challenge: Day 6

Posted in 21-Day Simplfy Your Life Challenge, Organization at 7:29 pm by otherdeb

Okay, today is about what blocks us from decluttering.

Michele poted seven blocks to decluttering, and asked us to note which ones were most powerful to us.  Mine were #s 2 & 4:

“Declutter Block 2: Declutter Block 2: I Can’t Get Rid Of Anything I May Need One Day


Yes you might declutter something and then later want it – that part is true. But the implied myth is that you’ll somehow fall apart if that happens. Guess what – you won’t. You’ll have to buy it again – a small expense compared to the sanity of getting rid of chaos and clutter. Or you’ll do without it – again, a minor inconvenience compared to a clutter-free life. Either way, you’ll be absolutely fine.”

“Declutter Block 4: One Day I’ll Fix It/Fit Into It/Want To Use It


Life is busy and you’ll probably never fix it. If you lose weight you can treat yourself to cute new outfits that are fresh and modern. If you haven’t wanted to use it for ages then you’ve likely moved on. And anyway, see Myth #2 above. Seriously, life it short. Let it all go, be happy, move on. You’ll be glad you did.”

(Please note that the quoted material is ©2008-2013 Happiness Strategies Pty Ltd | 52 Organizing Missions | Premium Subscription, PO Box 527, Chatswood NSW 2057, Australia)

2013-05-16 19.15.43

My photo is of the pile of clothing in various sizes that I can’t seem to sort, get rid of, or organize enough to figure out what is what:

I will have to attend to this as soon as I get a few minutes to breathe after my deadlines are met. I also need to decide if I am going to commit to doing Weight Watchers again, since if not, I have a whole wardrobe of smaller sized clothing to get rid of.  If I am, I need to toss the larger stuff.

At any rate, I need to get back to work — I still have a manuscript to finish editing and articles to get written.



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