May 15, 2013

21 Day Challenge: Day 5

Posted in 21-Day Simplfy Your Life Challenge, Organization at 6:09 pm by otherdeb

Imperfection Personified ©2013, Deborah J. Wunder

Imperfection Personified ©2013, Deborah J. Wunder

Okay, here is my day 5 pic – an imperfectly made bed. It feels a bit uncomfortable, but not unduly so.  the thing is, I tend to either make the bed perfectly, or just leave it unmade, so it feels good that I am – at least – getting the covers pulled up on a daily basis.  Until I can move things around in my room a bit more, though, I will not be able to get the side nearest the file cabinet made properly.

Also, last night I rearranged things on the nightstand so that I have a place for my books, even though I clearly left the one I’m reading on the bed. That actually makes me more uncomfortable, because that’s how having half my bed covered in junk often begins. And I don’t want to move the containers between my bed and the closet yet, because the closet door doesn’t close all the way, and the containers are the only thing keeping the cats out of the closet.  Until I have the stuff in there sorted and in containers, I really don’t want Kitt going in there and knocking things over or shedding on them. Fat Louie isn’t so much of a problem in that regard, but Kitt loves poking into closets.

Anyway, I’m on a tight deadline today, so I must get back to work now.


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