May 2, 2013

Some Small Progress

Posted in Health, Organization at 10:44 pm by otherdeb

It’s been a pretty quiet week, but there has been some small progress on the organization front.

M came over on Saturday, and we managed to get the mattress part of the futon frame assembled, and even get some of the replacement screws to work.  I still need to get a drill and re-drill some of the holes, but I’m not rushing.  I don’t want to move the futon off the frame again, because it’s damned heavy.

The roomie is cleaning all her old papers out of the second drawer of the file cabinet I will be keeping, since I now need more than the top drawer for work and personal files. The bottom drawer also needs cleaning out, but getting her to do this took practically an executive order.

I also got four more clothing containers so I can start putting more laundry away.  However, they are currently blocking the closet, because otherwise Kitt opens the door, which doesn’t shut properly because the last several times it was painted whoever did it painted the part of the lock that’s supposed to move, and it no longer moves.  I suspect I can chisel the paint away from that part of the lock at some point, so I can actually close the door properly.

Still, progress is progress, and I am happy enough to be making progress, even though I am still having problems with sustaining energy levels, which makes it a lot harder to be able to perform tasks that require time or strength. That said, I will continue to do as much as I can on any given day.  However, next time I head to the doctor’s I want to ask him about this, since it may be normal for the kind of recovery I’m going through, or it may indicate something else needs to be looked at.

On the financial front, there has been progress too.  In addition to the credit card I got paid off last month, I changed cable/internet providers, and expect a savings of almost 4100/month from what I was paying before.

Even better, my cell phone service gave me an option to get the an iPhone 5 in easy installments – $20/month, and cut the bill part of my bill by about $30/month, so that even while I am paying off the iPhone, I’m still saving $10/month there.

I almost had a tax issue this month.  I filed my state sales tax return on March 10th. Fortunately, I printed out the confirmation number, and filed it.  On April 8th, I got an email from the state saying I hadn’t filed.  I pulled out my paperwork and called them.  I finally got connected to a helpful woman, and gave her my information. She and her supervisor checked every resource they had, but could find no trace of my filing.  I was advised to file again, which I did, and was notified that I would be assessed $50 for filing late.  I questioned this to the woman, and she advised me that I should hit file, and when I got an actual bill in the mail for the $50 I should call them again and ask for the Protest division. I did so, and spoke to a gentleman who checked my records and – because I *always* file timely, and had the original confirmation number (including the time I filed) – waived the $50.  He also suggested that I check the website on May 3rd, to make sure that the credit was issued and that if it hadn’t been issued I should call him immediately, which I will do. Looking at the website, it appears that I do not owe anything, but I will call them on Monday to make sure, since I will not be home much of tomorrow.

So, that’s where things are at with me organization and finance-wise at the moment.



  1. Janet Wilson said,

    Progress is progress, and it all adds up. It often feels like working on a Rubik’s cube (to do x, you have to undo y, just when you’ve finally managed to get y done, etc.) but sometimes you get to a point where things actually look better. I’m in about the same position you are just now — let’s both keep at it!

    • otherdeb said,

      Indeed. Progress is progress. And I am grateful that I am making any progress at all these days. I did a bit of walking yesterday with friends, and I’m exhausted today. I know I had congestive heart failure in February, but it seems to me that I should be able to walk more than ten blocks or so without having to sit for half an hour. As I said, I’m going to talk to my doctor about this, in case there is something going on that neither of us is aware of yet. I’m also going to make more of an effort to get out and walk, in case the problem is just that I need to build up my abilities again. I may try to set myself some photography goals, so that I have to get out of the house to meet them. I got a new battery for my camera yesterday — the old one no longer holds a charge — so the camera is actually ready if I decide to do that. I do have a camera in my phone, but it doesn’t have the options I need to take really good photos — no zoom for details, etc. — and the friend I tend to walk with likes to take pics also. I really want my pics to be as good as hers, so I need the options. Don’t need a big, fancy camera – just needed to get my point & shoot a new battery, thank heavens, so I did.

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