March 28, 2013

Things Being Organized Allows You to Do

Posted in Being kind to myself, Life happens, Organization, Recovery at 8:52 pm by otherdeb

One of the upsides of being organized is that I have the time to take on some freelance work, which is all to the good, since I really hadn’t worked from last June until mid-February. Another is that i can pretty much assess how much work I am able to do in a given time period, so I’m a lot less likely to burn out than I was before.

It also has allowed me to get together with people a little, something that I still have to be careful when doing, because my energy is not fully returned, but it means that i can do things like have dinner with my sister (when she’s talking to me), or take a seminar.

And, in fact, I have gotten a business coach.  I attended a webinar by a guy whose articles I had been reading and enjoying for a while, and walked away with eight pages of notes on how to begin to get my business to the next level. He has the pieces that I didn’t learn when getting my business degree (and, yes, I actually have a Bachelors in Business Management). The seminar is nine weeks, two session a week, with a lot of work to be done by me in between sessions.  There are also three one-hour consultations that I can use during the seminar, question and answer sessions, and even office hours on a first come, first served basis. It feels good to be challenged again, especially when these challenges will propel me in the direction I want to head.

Another thing that being organized has allowed me to do is to entertain a bit.  I love having company, and cooking, and it’s nice to be able to invite friends over for either a casual dinner, or for something as a Seder. In fact, the roomie and I did make Seder the first night of Passover — for four of us (it would have been five, but one person was ill and couldn’t attend). Being organized allowed us to divide up the work so that neither the roomie nor I was overtaxed, and we had everything done and ready when our guests arrived.

Don’t get me wrong — there is always room for improvement. We still have major decluttering to do, and things we need to get (we each need new beds, but it’s not an emergency, so it can wait), and the house does not yet look the way we want it to, but that will come.


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