March 7, 2013

Getting My Workspace Organized

Posted in freelancing, Organization at 9:53 pm by otherdeb

Today, I got my new computer. It’s a Macbook Air, 11″, which means I can just toss it into my purse. It’s very spiffy so far, and it leaves me with a good bit of room on my desk. So, a bit of organizing was in order.

I now have two file organizers on my desk – one is for files I use frequently, and the other is for files I use, but not so often.  Finished projects, and other files are in the file cabinet that will eventually be next to the desk. Next to the computer are my daily files — a set of seven folders that I can dump stuff in that has to be taken care of on a certain day.

I still need a tray table next to my desk for the things I’m working on at any given moment, but that will change eventually.

So, other than that, I have been up to my ears in work this week, which is a good thing. Been getting articles from an older client, and a steady stream of articles from a new client, plus doing some manuscript editing for a small press. So money is starting to come into the house from my end again, which is a very good thing.

Anyway, I’m still setting up and playing with the new baby, here, so I really should get going, especially since I have a couple of deadlines coming up.



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