March 1, 2013

Got a Bit of Walking Done Today.

Posted in Health, life, Organization at 12:09 am by otherdeb

Had a quick doctor’s appointment this morning, then headed to Manhattan to run some errands.

Got my ring back from the jeweler, and gave him the broken teapot charm to fix. Met A at TekServ, and now I’m more confused than I was before. I could get an iPad for a reasonable amount,  Or for about $300 more, I could get an 11″ Macbook Air, which is not much more than an iPad, but is an actual notebook computer. With the iPad, I’d need a data plan, which I wouldn’t with the notebook, and an Apple keyboard of some sort.

Both run Pages, which is the program I need for one of my clients.

Clearly, I need to do a lot more thinking while I’m trying to put money away to make a purchase.

Unfortunately, my energy crashed after that, while we were on our way to Best Buy so Abby could look at something. I headed up to the first stop of the express bus, so that I could get  on and get the seat it’s easiest for me to deal with. Headed home, had lunch, and went for a nap.

In terms of organizing, I’ve gotten another box of stuff unpacked and onto the bookshelves (and a few more books into the freebie box). So the pile of boxes nearest the door is gone, and there are only three more piles by the front window. One of those boxes is a storage bin of shoes, another is clothing that won’t fit me for a while yet, one is a container with yarn in it.There’s also two sealed boxes, which are going to be either books, records, cassettes, or videotapes, and a milk crate of notebooks and looseleafs with recipes and knitting patterns. There is also another box of assorted small bits and pieces, which will probably be the last thing I actually go through.

I also have some books to address and send out, thanks to BookMooch, which makes me happy.  At least, I know the books will be going to people who will enjoy them.

Anyway, I need to get back to work, and I have weigh-in in the morning, so I expect that my accountability post on the other blog will be eveningish.

See everyone next week.



  1. Janet Wilson said,

    Looks as if you’re doing well! Here, things have been at a standstill as far as organizing goes, but the start of March feels like New Year’s all over again, so I’ll see what I can do about a fresh start. For one thing, I got my tax return done and sent in early, so that’s something achieved. There’s a refund coming, and when it does the debt will start inching downward. Theoretically. For another thing, my friend is almost out of hospital, so visits (half a day each, what with transit time) will be off my agenda and sorting out the clutter can go back on it, starting with the clutter that’s piled up over February. Onward, ever onward….

    • otherdeb said,

      Doing well is, of course, relative. I have been feeling extremely low energy all week, and it’s making everything seem like a slog through molasses.

      But congratulations on the good things starting to move in your direction! And, good luck with your fresh start!

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