February 14, 2013

Recovery, Jigsaw Puzzles, and Work

Posted in Life happens, Organization, personal finances, Writing at 10:32 pm by otherdeb

The good news is that I actually have some work coming in. The bad news is that I’m too damned tired to do much of anything. However, we need the money, therefore, I will do the work.

We got more books out and on the shelf yesterday. Got a bunch of magazines tossed out.

Mostly, I’ve been up to doing jigsaw puzzles, both online, and the excellent ones that Delia Sherman gave me a while ago. They are about as good as it gets when I wake up with my brain fuzzed.

Today’s project was going to the doctor for a follow-up appointment from my hospital stay. I was able to walk there just fine (it’s four and a half blocks away), but I decided to walk home the long way – for the exercise – and that was a bit problematic; my neuropathy acted up, and my leg was asleep for almost the whole walk from Avenue X to Avenue Y. Fortunately, I’m not diabetic; unfortunately, when I gained back the weight I killed the nerves in one leg, and once you kill nerves they are not gonna recover. So I am told that I will have to put up with this in varying degrees for the rest of my life.

Anyway, the doctor liked my blood pressure (120/70), and was happy that the Furosemide had eliminated my ankle swelling. He took some blood (well, his nurse did) so that he could make sure the Furosemide was not damaging my kidneys. But, overall, he was pleased with my progress.

Anyway, organizing my life and my home continues, albeit slowly. The roomie’s sister and her husband dropped off their mom’s old tv, which is – at least – newer than the one Sue had. Cablevision can’t get here to put a box and wires in for it until next Thursday, sadly. So the old tv is sitting in our living room until I can get my Landlord to drag it out to the curb for us.

Anyway, that’s where things lie at the moment.



  1. Janet Wilson said,

    Glad to hear about the work, the better health and even the slightly less old TV. Not much is new with me except that I’m starting to get my tax documents together, and my debt seems to be inching downward (except that my hotel bill and new glasses haven’t been counted in yet!) As for organization — well, the dishes and laundry get done. Sometimes that feels like enough.

    • otherdeb said,

      Indeed. Sometimes, survival is about as high as one can hope for realistically, but it’s always nice to have a goal to shoot for.

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