February 9, 2013

Catching Up…

Posted in Life happens at 1:07 am by otherdeb

Organizing continues, although not so much this week. Being in the hospital will kind of slow you down.

It’s a long story, with mix-ups and other absurdities, not the least of which was having a night nurse named Igor (those of you who read Pratchett will get this – if you don’t, feel free to ask), and a mistake in the notes that ended up meaning I had to wait two days for a room.

But I am home now, and greatly happy to be in my own bed again, even though the frame got broken when a Cablevision repairman put his full weight on it. However, it’s mine, and it’s at the right height, and my pillows are the way I like them, and the sheet doesn’t come off if I turn on my side, and, and, and…

I am still planning, despite the weather, to host a housefilk on Sunday, and have gotten several confirmations from people who plan to attend. Just having friends over will, no doubt, help me feel better. Will run a full list of thank yous after the housefilk, but so far I want to thank Marc Glasser, Naomi Moslow, Josh Kronengold & Lisa Padol, and the roomie for help above and beyond this week.

Will be back to regular posting next week.



  1. Janet Wilson said,

    Wow! Here you are ready to roll after having been in hospital, and I by contrast tired myself out the other day just by *visiting* one! After riding comfortably across the city on transit, finding the right part of the hospital, sitting in the waiting room for half an hour while doctors examined my friend “for five minutes” and in another waiting room for an hour while she had an ultrasound done, and talking to her for a few minutes, I skipped everything else I’d meant to do that day, went straight home and turned in right after dinner. Hospitals are like that (say I, having worked in one for 14 years).

    Right now my home looks pretty good to me just the way it is, so I’ll relax in it for a few days and then get back to trying to organize it, work on my debts, watch what I eat and all that good stuff. I hope you’re feeling better and can relax too.

    • otherdeb said,

      Well, remember, too, that I can always duck out for a few minutes and lie down if I need to…so I’m not being totally stupid here. Also, my ex is helping me run this puppy, as are both my oldest friend and my roommate.

      Yeah, visiting people in hospitals if exhausting, especially when a lot of that time is spent doing nothing (or even reading) in waiting rooms because the ER only allows 15 minute visits once an hour.

      Didn’t know you worked in a hospital, somehow. You will, no doubt, appreciate this:

      My oldest friend is an LPN. When they did finally get me a room, the floor nurse told us that she could stay for fifteen minutes because visiting hours were long past over. I looked at her and said, “You really don’t want to do that.” She asked why, and I replied, “Well, she can be really helpful.” When the nurse asked how, my response was, “Well, first off she’s an LPN, and second, she is one of about three people in the universe who can get me to follow instructions, even if I don’t feel like doing so.” The nurse thought for a moment, then replied, “Would you like some tea or coffee while you’re here, ma’am?” When my friend declined, she left, and allowed my friend to stay until she had to go home and take care of her own medical stuff.

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