January 24, 2013

Organizing Continues

Posted in January Cure, Organization, Perspective at 6:24 pm by otherdeb

I am happy to report that, because I have been getting organized, I was able to spend last night being cozy and warm, rather than freezing my toes off.

When my feet were freezing, even with the heat coming up, I was able to find both the electric blanket and it’s cord.  I had gotten the blanket cleaned and shaken out earlier in the program, so it was ready to get put on my bed.  Even at 5 am, it only took five minutes to set it back up (it would have taken even less time, but I needed to pull up the users’ manual online), and I happily crawled back into a nice,  warm bed.

In other organizing news, my friend J turned me on to a website that her friend A uses.  It’s called Bookmooch.  Their deal is that you post books you want to give away, and get points for each book you post.  You also get points for each book someone takes.  If a book is on someone’s wish list when you post it, that person gets an email that a copy is available.  You then send the book to that person, paying the postage.  When you take a book, either by browsing or being notified that a copy is available, the book gets sent to you with the sender paying the postage.  I’ve gotten rid of at least 30 books through it in the last week.  I need to put my wishlist on there and see if any of the books I want is there for free, but so far I am very satisfied, and have even gotten several nice emails from recipients of books I sent.

I have now emptied the top shelf of the barrister’s bookcase, and gotten about half the yarn from it photographed and entered into my Ravelry database.  Once all the yarn is in, I will decide what I want to keep and what I want to sell or trade.

My next project is to empty out whatever has been sitting in the top of the two-drawer file cabinet I inherited from my roommate.  Once that is done, I can start to create a better filing system than that I am currently using (two file cases on my desk with currently used and occasionally used but needed for reference files, and one box jammed full under my desk).  I plan to tackle the cleaning out of the drawer this evening, so we can put out whatever garbage it generate with the trash tonight.  I will also find out if I need a frame for hanging folders that way.

Once that is done, I have some paying work to do — a scarf commissioned by a friend’s co-worker.

I have to say that I am really pleased with the progress I am making on this front.  And the more I get done, the better I feel in general, which is a lovely side benefit.  Also, I have noticed that by taking this huge task a small bite at  time, I am getting to savor each success instead of bemoaning the enormity of the job!  All in all, a great positive feedback loop!

Have you noticed any changes in your outlook as you continue to get organized?  Are you trying to do it all at once, or allowing yourself to take things a bit at a time?  Hw does that feel?  Are you allowing yourself to savor each accomplishment?



  1. Joanne Cronin said,

    Ooh, Bookmooch! Gotta try it. Phase 0.1 of organizing over here…
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    • otherdeb said,

      Hi Joanne! It’s a great plan. Be sure to friend me once you sign up!

  2. Janet Wilson said,

    Bookmooch does look like a great plan, though not for me at this stage.Maybe some day when I’ve identified enough books that I want to weed out it would be safe for me to try it.

    Meanwhile, I find myself getting less and less optimistic about my organizing, less able to concentrate, etc. When I do get some small thing done, I promptly forget what it was. I’m shifting over into prepare-for-holiday mode seeing doctors and buying travel medical insurance and so on (I mean to get the maximum dramatic value from my 4-day excursion!) and presumably will start all over when I get back.

    For one thing, I’ll be getting another pair of distance glasses, since my good ones have not turned up. (Getting them as soon as I get back, that is, so that if I’m eaten by aliens at the border, my estate won’t get stuck with the bill for superfluous glasses.) Sometimes the only way to find something is to bite the bullet and replace it; that might work…

    • otherdeb said,

      When I started on Bookmooch, I only put six books up. It was only after I saw how quickly the books I posted got mooched that I began adding the contents of my freebie box.

      Re optimism about organizing: What I would suggest at this point is to take your holiday, and come back to your organizing projects refreshed. As for forgetting what you have done when you have done it: have you tried keeping a list of your projects. My organizing project will actually take most of this year, and if I had to rely on my pitiful memory to keep me motivated, I would be in deep yogurt. I have the list on my blog and my smart phone (and I update it regularly), so that when my motivation flags, or when looking at the spaces where the clutter was isn’t enough, I have down in black and white exactly how far I’ve come.

      Good luck with the distance glasses, and have a great holiday! I look forward to hearing about it when you get back!

  3. Jenny Reed said,

    Very inspiring! I have some organizing that needs doing, too. Maybe I shall follow your example!

    • otherdeb said,

      Heya Jenny!

      Thank you for the kind words. I cannot begin to tell you how much better it feels to see walls, windows, and floors where I used to see piles of unorganized stuff. One of the things I use for inspiration is George Carlin’s routine about “Stuff”. It’s one of my favorite routines of his, and — even now — it reminds me of all the crap we put up with to deal with and protect our crap.

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