January 17, 2013

Getting More Organized

Posted in January Cure, Organization at 10:51 pm by otherdeb

Yesterday, the January Cure called for us all to walk away from our electronic media for an evening so, after dinner,  I let the computer go into sleep mode, turned off the television, and put my phone into “Do Not Disturb” mode.  I read one of my library books instead, then had an early night, something I do all too rarely.

Today, I went through the first part of the pile-o’-crap under the window next to my desk.  It’s not an easy process, since there is a ton of stuff on top of the three storage bins there.  I cleaned down to the one in front of the other two, and it was a good afternoon’s work, made easier by the roomie’s ferrying things to where they need to go.  I also got the floor space that I cleared vacuumed, which got a fairly thick layer of accumulated dust out of the room.

It feels a lot better, although there is still a ton of stuff to go through.  There are still books to be put away (waiting on the dining table), and I was able to consolidate a couple of boxes of shoes into one storage bin, for further culling later.  I also found a storage container for the Weight Watchers Weekly newsletters from 2010 through 2012, so that the smaller container for them on my desk is ready for the new 360° Program Weekly newsletters.

The main reason it’s going so slow is my own resistance and inertia.  Yep, even though I know that this is what I really want to do, and that I am truly looking forward to the results, I still procrastinate and hem and haw about what (and how much) to do on any given day.  Usually, I do break through the inertia and get what I planned done,  and I am seeing major progress, but it still feels overwhelming at some levels.

However, I intend to persevere, and to maintain my space in the manner I want it to be maintained once I get it there.

How are your reorganizing plans going?  What stops or resistance are you running into?  How do you break through such stops or resistance?



  1. Charis (Nimrodita) said,

    I certainly know about inertia! I find, often, the trick is to do something small – say, five minutes of something. That makes it easier to get started, and sometimes I wind up with a lot done. Even if I don’t, at least I’m a bit better off!

    • otherdeb said,

      Hi Charis! Welcome to my corner (well, one of them) of the blogosphere! Yep, I often start by telling myself, “I’ll just work on ‘x’,” and that expands into actually getting a whole job (or more) done.

  2. Janet Wilson said,

    I’m going very slowly through the piles o’ crap. I have hopes of consolidating 3 bins of stuff down to 2 bins of stuff, and I’ve even had a look in my bedroom closet. But the inertia is hard to fight. Sometimes I can get around it by switching the order I do things in, or doing a few minutes at a time, but often I can’t. But I do seem to make a little progress each day, however slow. Maybe if I go and do some now, while I’m thinking about it…

    • otherdeb said,

      Hi Janet!

      I’m also doing things by consolidating stuff down into smaller and smaller containers and piles. Can’t reach my bedroom closet yet — the bed is blocking it. But, yeah, it’s hard to get started some days.

      Today, I got lucky — a friend came over and helped me go through books, putting the ones she could scan in on eBay to sell for me. I also got another bag of laundry back and got all but the unmatched socks into the dresser. Those went into the shopping bag of unmatched socks, so I can try to match them to already cleaned socks.

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