January 10, 2013

Organizing Continues

Posted in January Cure, Organization at 11:50 pm by otherdeb

I’m continuing to work on getting the house in order.  I got a new set of blinds for the window next to my desk.

Last weekend, the ex came over, and he helped me get a new bedroom lamp, shades for the living room lamp, and bulbs for both.  He also helped me get a couple more storage containers from Family Dollar (the staff at my local Family Dollar are really nice people — very  helpful, and with great attitudes)!

A & C came over yesterday, and A fixed the roomie’s stereo (as well as bringing me her old iMac, which I am typing this on), while C helped me catalogue some of my yarn stash & get it put away.  She also helped me get another box of books out of the closet, some of which will be tossed while the ones to keep are now on shelves.

Today, I met A at the Home Depot on West 23rd Street in Manhattan, and we got me a set of blinds for the window next to my desk.  We also got something called “Rejuvenate” which I am trying on the damaged table (two applications, and it looks much better, although nowhere near perfect).  I also got a towel bar for the bathroom but it’s going to take a bigger sledge hammer to make it fit (sigh).

I made a deal with one of the women from the Weight Watchers meeting I attend.  We agreed that if she would do a task she’s resisting (putting the WW app on her phone), I would tackle the pile-o’crap under the window next to my desk during the upcoming week.  I took a “before” picture to send her already.  I need to do it, anyway, in order to be able to reach where I need to so I can put the new blinds up.

Yesterday’s January Cure task was to choose a picture to get framed.  I found a photograph of the house I grew up in, and I want to get that reframed to hang in my bedroom.

Today’s task was to set up a get-together for my friends, and I’m actually a jump ahead on that.  I’m hosting a housefilk on February 10th, which totally counts.  Announcements have been made, people have been informed, the search for spare chairs has begun, and I’m already thinking about what foods to put out, since this event will be something of a pot-luck.

So, that’s where things are at the moment.

How are your organizing plans progressing?  Are you getting fired up, or feeling resistance?  What tasks are you dreading?  Which ones get you fired up to do more?

See everyone next week!




  1. Janet Wilson said,

    You’re doing a great job, and obviously know the value of teamwork and the barter system!

    The only part of what I’m doing that’s actually going to plan is that the books are slowly being brought in from the storage shed; but I find when all the available inside space is full there will still be at least half a dozen boxes out there. They’ll have to be dealt with slowly, over the course of time, and in the meantime the shed is safe enough.

    I’ve been going along one side of my room, sorting a bit, looking into every box to see what’s inside, etc. I”ll be going on with that through the month, but trying to make sure that I don’t get into it so much that I neglect everything else, shopping, cooking, washing…

    Meanwhile I keep one eye open looking for my good distance glasses, hoping to find them before I go out of town Feb. 1, but it isn’t likely because they’ve been missing since, well, the last time I turned my room upside down, and that was months ago. The harder I try to clean up, the more essential the things I lose in the process, and that’s not really very helpful motivation….

    • otherdeb said,

      Thanks, Janet. Things are going on schedule, but not anywhere near as fast as I would like them to go. Life tends to get in the way a lot.

      The thing is, I really like entertaining friends, and I really hate having my home look like a pigsty. My roommate is not big on cleaning (except maybe at knife or gunpoint), so I finally accepted that if I want a clean house, I’m the one that’s gonna have to make it happen and maintain it.

      Since I don’t much like housework, it’s being a learning curve for me, as well. But if I want to be able to have a clean space, than it’s something I need to own. and owning it means taking responsibility for making it that way, and maintaining it once I get it that way.

      I really sympathize about your glasses. I hope you do find them before you have to travel.

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