December 27, 2012


Posted in Organization at 10:12 pm by otherdeb

The project to dig out the living room has been a great success!  I still have a row of boxes against the front window, but I was able to have six people (besides myself) for Christmas Dinner — something I have not been able to do for eight years!

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I only needed to pull out one of the extenders on my dining table, even! And we also got a lot of cleaning done in the rest of the house, which was also great!

It is my intention to keep the house in good enough shape that I can actually host housefilks, and have people over for dinner. I cannot tell you folks how happy this makes me!  I love entertaining, and cooking for a crowd, and now I can!  I won’t, of course, conflict with the 3rd Saturday fannish thing, but it’s nice to know I now have room.

I’ve gone and sat in my rocker at least once a day…just because I can! Don’t get me wrong — there is still much to be done.  There are still unpacked boxes in the closet, and bags of clothing to sort, and the row of boxes in front of the window, and my room to organize, but this is major progress!

The other thing is that the apartment feels so much lighter now, and both the roomie and I feel less depressed and overwhelmed.

How do you feel when you succeed at an organizing project?  What is the big organizing project you would like to get done in 2013?



  1. Joanne said,

    Hooray for Christmas dinner! Glad it worked well. It’s good to have space to use.

    For 2013 I should attack some of my own piles.

  2. Janet Wilson said,

    You’ve not only organized, you’ve got back your preferred lifestyle — or at least made a very good start. Wow! What I’m going to try to do in 2013 is get this place sufficiently uncluttered that it’s a lot harder to misplace essential items and then run up my blood pressure searching for them — and, as corollary, to try to find my good distance glasses while I’m doing it. They’ve been missing for months. Plan B is to get another pair as backup (or replacement) . This leads to other ideas, like getting my eyes checked properly and trying to bring the debt down by 10 or 12% in 2013, but if I start making complicated plans I won’t get anything done at all I expect I’d feel quite good about getting an organizing project done if I ever actually managed to do it..

    • otherdeb said,

      Thanks, Janet. I really did make a good start, and now that I can actually see things — like the floor — I’ve actually been doing stuff like running the quick broom over it every couple of days.

      After the New Year, I plan to start on the piles of stuff in my room. I am so looking forward to the shock on my friends’ faces as they see the new cleared spaces!

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