December 20, 2012

A Cleaning/Organizing Post

Posted in Organization at 9:14 pm by otherdeb

Much of this week has been dedicated to cleaning and organizing.  I am, of course, nowhere near finished, but you can see living room floor, and lots of it.

The thing is, I love entertaining.  I have not been able to throw a party, or even a dinner for more than four people, since I moved here, because my dining room table was in several pieces — and hidden amidst piles of bags, boxes, and loose clothing.  And every time I would walk into the living room, I would see the whole mess and get more depressed.  It was clearly cyclic.  And every time I planned to pend time cleaning up the mess, Stuff Would Happen.

I am not sure why this time was different.  I was planning to have a friend over for Christmas dinner, because I knew she would be alone.  Then two other friends called and wanted to get together.  We agreed to do it at my place, because their place is way tiny and way crowded.  So I now had five people for dinner (including me).  I could conceivably get five around my grandpa’s gateleg table, but it would be very crowded because our kitchen is on the mall side.  My friend, C, offered to help me get stuff in the living room condensed.  She spent two days helping, then my friend J helped for an afternoon, and the roomie even pitched in a bit, when not hiding in her room.

Things are not completely done, but all the loose clothing has been sorted and either put in my room, in laundry to be done with the next batch, laundry for future batches, and dry cleaning.  The kitchen stuff that was occupying the coffee table and the loveseat is now mostly in one big storage cube, which we can move into the kitchen and store under a chair for the short-term.  My big dining table, which can seat ten, has been reassembled, and is being a great place to unpack and rejigger boxes.

In other organizing news, I have managed to keep my desktop organized for a month.  I like being able to find things, and intend to keep it this way.

So, what would you need to start clearing up to increase clarity nin your life?



  1. Janet Wilson said,

    What would I need? Space, time, and energy. We have twice as much stuff as should actually fit into this apartment. Where does it go to be sorted out? If we tried to put a dining table anywhere, it would take up the whole room. And time — well, as you say, whenever one schedules time for it, Stuff Happens. And worst, if Stuff doesn’t Happen, I spend the time trying to think my way past depression, instead (“oh, where do I even start?”)

    At the moment, I am trying to disassemble my bedroom and do a thorough search for my good distance glasses, which vanished a month or two ago. To do this, of course, I have to depend on my older, suboptimal spare pair. What usually happens when I try this, and probably will again in a few hours, is that all the stuff now spread out on the bed will be tossed into something so that I can get some sleep, and next time I’ll have to start all over again. And so it goes.

    But I’m nearly ready for Christmas, the missing cat has returned from the animal shelter, and no one but me and my tolerant son has to live with my habits, so I’ll keep trying till something works.

    • otherdeb said,

      I know the feeling. The only reason I can get any table assembled in this house is that both my kitchen table and my dining room table are expandables. The kitchen table is one my grandpa made, and is a double gateleg table. The dining room table, which I inherited from my ex’s mother, expands from a small table for ix to a table seating eight to ten by a set of expanding leaves at both ends of the table. I’m using it unexpanded as a workspace for sorting through stuff.

      I totally identify with the throwing stuff on the bed while working, only to toss it all into a box at the end of the day, resulting in more more box of crap to go through next time.

      I’m not tackling my room until after the holidays, and I will drag the dining table into my room to use as a workspace then (and it will take up half of the room). I am determined to get this done, and done right, this time around.

      Of course, I’ve said that before, with little to no results. However, I am tired of living like this, so I am going to do my damndest to remedy it.

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