November 29, 2012

I Hate Having More Month than Money

Posted in debt, Health, Life happens, personal finances at 11:19 pm by otherdeb

This month and last month have been extremely tight, as the roomie and I are battling to reduce the fees I am getting charged for using my overdraft privilege to cover the money she shorted the household account in October.  Checks that didn’t get paid then caused bounce fees, and then — when they cleared in November — caused November payments to either be paid by overdraft or to bounce, incurring fees either way.  I am going to be paying very little other than rent this month, in an attempt to hold down fees.

I also visited the dentist today.  The news there was mixed.  I need one extraction (the fragment of a fractured tooth that the union dental clinic left there after refusing to treat me), and a different tooth needs a root canal/post/crown or to be extracted.  The dental insurance I have covers extraction, but considers the  root canal/post/crown treatment to be cosmetic and will not pay for that.  The dentist and I would prefer to save the tooth, but it will cost $525.  Not unreasonable, but not doable at the moment – partly because of the hole from the bounce fees.  The other thing that makes it maybe doable is that the dentist won’t do the root canal until the extraction is healed in order to prevent the infection that is there from spreading and to prevent any infection in he tooth that needs the root canal from spreading into an open area. So it will be at least four weeks after the extraction before he can do the root canal.  If anyone out there can toss a few bucks toward the root canal my way, or if, instead, you want a pair of handknit socks, a hat, or fingerless mitts, I would be happy to make them for $25.   Your custom would be greatly appreciated, and remember — handknits make great winter holiday gifts!  Please contact me at otherdeb (at) gmail (dot) com for details.

I am feeling more than a bit depressed over the whole fees/dentistry thing, to put it mildly.  I do know the depression will pass — it’s not really my nature to be depressed, thank the Goddess.

Between the reduction in my income, and the mounting problems caused by the roomie’s inability to deal with collection agencies, I decided to apply for food stamps.  Spent part of the day after Thanksgiving going to the Food Stamp office in Coney Island to deliver the documentation they wanted after the phone interview.  I’m waiting to hear back from them.  I really hate having to do this, but it’s either this or succumb to the roomie’s way of eating — mostly carbs, mostly stuff you can nuke out of boxes, or lots of pasta with tasteless sauces.  Since that would send my weight skyrocketing, I bit the bullet and applied for assistance.  It was unpleasant, not because of anything the folks at the office or on the phone did or said, but because all of my adult life I have never needed to ask for this kind of assistance.  To say it’s humbling does not do the feelings I’m experiencing justice.

However, I am a survivor, and I shall get through this.  I know this because I have survived everything else that has come my way.


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  1. Janet Wilson said,

    Good luck with the dental work — and I hope you have that extraction done very soon, to keep down infection, pain and expense. I’m glad the insurance covers it. Good luck, too, with the food stamps: so many admirable people have had to accept those that there’s no shame in joining them. It means there will be one more person learning and passing on the wisest ways to invest one’s food stamps, and saving herself from the high-carb diet that gives us North Americans such a reputation for overweight even when we’re too broke to eat. May we all get through the coming month, with its constant pressure to eat and spend (I’ve already exceeded my holiday budget and it’s not even December till tomorrow!)

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