August 19, 2012

Reorganizing – Today’s Progress

Posted in Organization at 7:06 pm by otherdeb

I got more papers thrown out and almost have my desktop to where I want it.  I need to get access to the filing cabinet that has been in this room unused since I moved in (the roommate had nothing she was using it for) so that I can begin to use it for all but the files I really need on my desk, which will go a long way toward reducing the clutter.  The small filing box I have under the desk is pretty much full to bursting, as is my “stuff to file” folder.  I did get the bag of cookbooks that I inherited (when a friend’s ex-spouse abandoned them) on a shelf that I cleared.  During the process, I noticed what my roommate hadn’t — that one of the bookshelves had collapsed and was at a 45-degree angle.  So, we managed to clear that shelf, too and get those books re-shelved.

Another thing I am happy about is that I managed to figure out a place for my sketchbook, where I can find it when I want it.  So I am happy with the progress I have made today.


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