August 18, 2012

I Have a Confession to Make

Posted in Backstory, debt, Finances, Throw Out Fifty Things at 6:29 pm by otherdeb


This is from a place I never thought I would see again.  I am back in the hole.  While I can blame having to bail out the roommate and my sister for getting me here, the flat truth is that I’m the one who made the bad decisions that landed me here.

And this time, getting out is going to be a whole lot harder, because I do not have the steady income I once did.  My pension check is $178.47/month.  I now have medical issues I didn’t have when I was working and had health insurance.  And I gained back all the weight I had lost, so I’ve that to do all over again, too.

However, I will get out of debt.  I have made an arrangement with the worst of the creditors, and I am expecting some cash down the line that will go a long way to helping sort things out.  I am also feeling a bit better, and more able to do some freelancing (as the infection was trying to kill me, I became less and less energetic).

My first goal, however, is to get my living space in order.  While my housekeeping was never “eat off the floor” clean, it was generally neat enough that things could be found.   When I went into the hospital, my kid sister took it upon herself to try to organize half my room, so that she could take care of some things.  Of course, since her priorities are very different from mine this has led to some chaos in terms of finding things.  However, I have managed to not let that side of the room become overgrown, and I’ve decided I like it that way.  I’ve also managed to keep the bed clear of everything but the tv remote, my second pair of glasses, and a couple of books (I often am partway through several different books, since reading is one of my major pleasures.  To that end, I am going to spend much of the next month (when not writing or knitting) clearing out all the detritus of things — that is, all the stuff I am no longer using.  I want to be able to have friends over of an afternoon, or hold a housefilk in my living room, and have room for people and guitars.  I miss being able to invite people over for dinner.

Back when I was still working, I had acquired a book called <i>Throw Out Fifty Things</i>, by Gail Blanke.  I think it’s time to read it and see if I can get the junk in my life tossed out, so I have room for an improved life.

I have also decided to pick up this blog on a regular basis again.

At any rate, this is not going to be a very long post, just a harbinger of things to come.  I will be writing about uncluttering my life, financial recovery, writing, and whatever else I have something to say about, just as before, and I hope you all are interested in coming along for the ride.  I expect it will not be an easy one — I will be dealing as honestly as I can with the stuff that comes up — but I do expect it will be a rewarding journey.


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