February 24, 2011

It’s been an Interesting Month…

Posted in freelancing, life, Writing at 6:49 am by otherdeb

…Not in the Chinese sense, thank the Gods, but interesting, nonetheless.

I retired from the School Aide position I had on January 15th, and became a full-time freelancer.

I’m not doing badly at it, so far.  I have two clients who are giving me a good amount of work every week, and I have been getting other offers which I’ve been exploring (so far, none of them have made the cut).   I could use more work, but it has to be at a rate that I can live on.  I am sure those offers will come as my rep grows.

I have also started two additional pages here – one for a writing resume, and one for my writing services.  These are very much still under construction, but if anyone feels like giving me feedback, I will not refuse it.

The hardest part is the time management.  I am, by nature more nocturnal than diurnal.  This in and of itself is not a problem.  The issue is more of getting from sluggish into work mode and staying there.  I don’t think that will be an issue for too long — I’m pretty sure it’s just the adjustment period from a very regimented schedule to one where I have great freedom, but also have great responsibility (i.e., I don’t meet deadlines, I don’t get to pay bills, eat, pay rent, etc.).  So far, I am doing okay on that, but since I do need to pick up more work to make up the shortfall between my pension and reality, I need to stay on top of this issue.

Things are still a bit scary, but it’s scary in a good way.  I’m moving forward toward doing what I want with my life.  That, I think is the important thing here, and the one to focus on going forward.

Goals?  I have about seven big ones, in varying degrees of being worked on.  Plans?  Yep, got those too.  Chutzpah and drive?  Got those in spades – just ask my friends. Writing ability?  Well, you all can judge that…I’m a bit biased.  Perseverence?  Hey, I am my dad’s daughter….stubborn is my heritage.

Can I succeed at this in today’s economy? Unless I want to be a drone, and at someone else’s beck and call for the rest of my life, I damned well better succeed at this.  Yes, I know I will be at the beck and call of clients, but that’s my choice.  It damned sure beats the kinds of jobs that get offered to older people in this economy.

Besides, if I don’t do this now, when will I do it?  Life isn’t infinite, and I”m seriously on the second half of it.  I’ve played by the rules for the last thirty years.  Now it’s my turn to make the rules for myself.  It may not be much, but I want to live the rest of my life on my terms.


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