January 18, 2010

Grocery Shopping for the Win!

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Okay, my friend Marc kindly took me to Pathmark, which is the closest supermarket to me, today.  He does this fairly regularly, which makes doing shopping a hell of a lot easier, since he drives and I don’t.

After hanging out with him for so long, one thing I know is that he is one of the best people to go grocery shopping with.  (He could probably charge for his services, and the client would still end up saving a good chunk of change.)  There are several reasons for this: One, by the time I get my PDA out, he’s done whatever math I need in his head.  Two, he is a very careful shopper, partly due to having to shop for people with several different food sensitivities.  Three, he is, by his own word, a cheapskate, which means he has done all the work of checking the flyers online and knows where the best deals are on any given week.   Over the years, some of this has rubbed off on me, thank the Gods, and I have become a much better shopper under his tutelage.

So, when he picked me up this week and noted that the Pathmark flyer had two great meat deals, I listened.  The first was on 75%/25% ground beef: half off with a $25 purchase, and center cut boneless pork loin for $.79/lb with a $50 purchase.  Since I knew we needed a lot of stuff, I knew I’d take advantage of both those deals.  Additionally, with no need for the card, Perdue chicken was up to 50% off, depending on what you bought. I took advantage of that to pick up some chicken thighs, which I will cut into tenders for breading.

The trash bags we needed were on sale, and the big fancy brand name was actually the most cost-effective.  The Progresso soups I like (the WW-friendly ones) were on sale for $1.25@, down from over $3.  The sweetener we use was also on sale — half off the sale price with the store computer coupon, with an additional $1 off for a paper coupon Sue found, so 200 packets of Nevella (Splenda) ended up costing me $2,99.  Best of all, the Green Giant veggie blends that we both adore were on sale for $.99@ (one package is actually enough for two people)

Best of all was when I got done at the register.  I spent $89.45 for food for two people for the better part of a month, but I got $179.58 worth of groceries for that!  Further, once I got home, we divided the meats up into portions for each meal (including cutting the pork loin in half and freezing the half we didn’t use tonight), so that we don’t have to keep thawing and refreezing meat.  I will definitely be working at doing even better on this account, but I cannot begin to describe how wonderful it felt to save more than I spent.

Anyway, on to the pork roast.  It was already about 6 pm when I got home, but the pork was nice and fresh, so we didn’t have to spend time thawing it.  We did a very basic roast:  Auntie Arwen’s “Dancing Bear Russian Sausage Seasoning” (Auntie Arwen makes and sells spice blends at science fiction conventions and on the web, and they are wonderful!) and sprayed the pan with a bit of olive oil cooking spray.  Sue roasted the meat at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour, and it was perfect.  Fully cooked, tender, and, since we followed Alton Brown’s advice and let it rest for a few minutes before cutting it, nice and juicy.  It cut like a dream, and tasted even better.

Dessert for me was coffee and a WW 2 Points Bar.

On another subject entirely, Dr. Phil just said something that I have believed in for years: Talking to one of his guests, he noted that his father often said, “There is something about that person I don’t like about me.”  I have often noted that when we clash with others, it’s usually over something that we dislike about ourselves, but I never heard it put quite so succinctly.  I’m not saying this is 100% always the case…there are things which are not part of us that we can dislike about people …I doubt that I will ever murder someone, for example.  But many times, there are things that drive us up a wall about someone else that triggers something we don’t like about ourselves.

Anyway, It’s time to go and do some crocheting, since I want to get at least the first motif for the purple afghan done before I go to bed.


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