January 8, 2010

R.I.P. Michael David (Male) Moslow 14 Sep 1951 – 7 Jan 2010

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How do you explain Michael? My stock answer has always been, “Imagine Fred Flintstone. Now, imagine Fred Flinstone compressed into Barney Rubble size.” And while anyone who knew Mike understood immediately, how do you explain how much more than that he was?

Mike was fiercely loyal to his friends and fiercely “antagonistic” to his enemies. Mike loved words. He used them to bait, to seduce, to enchant, to confuse, to clarify. Mike had a heart bigger than the average weight of most fans. When my wallet was stolen on my way to my first convention as a pro, Mike took out his ATM card, told me the code and said “Don’t take out more than $200/day without letting me know.” Mike and Naomi let me live on their couch for five months after I screwed up my left ankle when I had no medical insurance. Mike wasn’t perfect, by any means. He could be short-tempered, hold a grudge (even when it was only in his own mind), gossip, and plot mercilessly. He had a paranoid streak a mile wide, but loved Naomi more than anyone would have believed possible.

There is a hole in the universe tonight, and it is so much bigger than Mike’s physical space.

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