July 4, 2008

Update on the Scam Situation

Posted in debt, Equilibrium, Finances, life, scam tagged , , , , at 2:59 pm by otherdeb

My roommate has met with the bank and the police. The FBI and the Postal Inspector are sending her paperwork to fill out. She has handed me $600 in cash for her share of the July rent and has promised me that I will have her share of the August rent in cash in time. She has also agreed, per Carol’s excellent suggestion that once she is clear with the bank, she will set up an automatic transfer to my account from each paycheck, so that, in effect, I get paid first.

Now, if I can just get her to actually, you know, keep records so she doesn’t forget what is coming out of her account, and where and when it is coming out, we should be okay, although I am not completely sure she won’t find some new way to get victimized.



  1. Ariel Cinii said,

    It’s very hard to pull yourself out of the muck when there’s somebody else who’s sabotaging your efforts and dragging you back in. I’d try to help but that would mean finding a place to hide the body. Maybe a mental stability-control device will do, one that does not hinder her ability to do her job but will inhibit her known flaws and keep her from driving off into the weeds.

  2. otherdeb said,

    @Ariel Cinii: Eh. As I have noted, the only person who can change her behavior is her. It’s more that it takes time and energy to deal with than that it’s dragging me into the muck. Since I have made climbing out of debt my priority, I have made significant progress. While her actions might slow me down some, they will not deter me from my goal.

    But thanks for the good wishes!

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