June 27, 2008

Order from Chaos 1 – An Experiment in Organization

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I recently read Liz Davenport’s Order from Chaos: A 6-Step Plan or ORGANIZING Yourself, Your Office, and Your Life, which was recommended by Trent at The Simple Dollar.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to follow her program, as best I can, and report the results in this blog.

Now, before I even start, I will note that, although she prefers a two-page per day planner for her program, I will be using my trusty Palm Pilot for several reasons: 1) I already have the Palm Pilot and use it for all my planning; 2) I do not want to spend money that I do not have on a fancy system; 3) If I was going to use a paper system, my system of choice would have been Franklin Covey‘s, however, they have closed their two New York stores (where I could have gotten a good deal on their clearance binders) and are only doing mail order to NY…the nearest physical Franklin Covey store is in King of Prussia, PA, which is just not a feasible trip without a car.

So, with that constraint in mind, let’s start our journey.

Ms. Davenport, who has a website called Order from Chaos, divides her thirteen chapters into four sections, followed by a resource guide that basically tells you where you can contact the author and the URL for her website (which I linked to above).

The structure is as follows:

Section One: “Before You Begin”
“Why Get Organized?”
“The Game Plan”

Section Two: “The Physical Environment”
“Pre-Organizing – Creating a Vacuum”
“Step 1: The Cockpit Office”
“Step 2: Air Traffic Control”
“Step 3: The Pending File”
“Section Review”

Section Three: “Your Frame of Mind…or Incoming”
“Step 4: Decide Now
“Step 5: Prioritize Ongoingly”
“Step 6: Daily Habits”

Section Four: “I’m Done…So NOW What?”
“I’m Done…So Now What?”
“Regular Maintenance”
“Support Systems”
“If You Fall Off the Wagon”

Resources: “What If I Want More?”

She further recommends spending at least a week on each step, which makes this a great summer project for me!

Next post in this series: “Section One: Before You Begin”


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