May 24, 2008

A milestone of sorts

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I was going to wait until Monday to post this, but I am so happy that I was finally able to cut up my first credit card that I wanted to post the letter I sent the company.


My address

24 May, 2008


Re: VISA Account Number


Since repeated efforts to negotiate a lower interest rate or to remove the monthly fee charged in addition to the annual fee have failed, I am enclosing, per your instructions, my cut up credit card.

Please terminate the above account, effective immediately  I have already made the May payment of the $8 service charge, and expect that there will be no further charges of any sort to this account.


Deborah J. Wunder


The roommate was with me for the ceremonial cutting up of the card and reading of the first draft of the letter.  We are both hoping there will be many more of these as we both get our acts in order.

What constitues a milestone for you on your journey?  If not a formal milestone, what are the things that make you feel the ride is worthwhile?



  1. Marc S. Glasser said,

    Congratulations! Keep on remembering to (in your words) READ THE DAMNED FINE PRINT. (Or as Tom Waits put it, “The big print giveth, and the small print taketh away.” )

  2. otherdeb said,

    @Marc S. Glasser:

    So true. And knowing that it’s part of the critical thinking skill set I did not acquire until college just makes me more convinced that, as a society, we need to be teaching these skills much earlier, so that the next generations don’t fall into the traps some of us did.

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